Friday, September 16, 2016

Recent sightings of Yu Suzuki

With the 2016 Tokyo Game Show in full swing, Yu Suzuki has also been out and about recently!

Visiting Tokyo Game Show, First Business Day

Suzuki's message: "Here to check out TGS. Snapped with Torishima-san :-)"

Torishima-san refers to Kazuhiko Torishima who has a long history in the field of manga, formerly the editor-in-chief of the Weekly Shonen Jump manga magazine. He is currently president of the Hakusensha publishing company.

Meeting with Gio Corsi, director of Sony Third Party Productions

And the people in the photo are:
  • First on the left: ?
  • Second on the left: a Third Party Relations account executive at SCEA (twitter username "Hex")
  • Gio Corsi, director of Third Party Productions for the PlayStation team
  • Yu Suzuki
  • Far right (pointing at Yu): John T Drake, Director of Portfolio Strategy with the PlayStation team
I'm still trying to find out the name of the person on the left. Please leave a comment if you know!

Update: a source informs me that the gentlemen on the left is the Executive Producer for the Shenmue III project. He can also be seen in the Kamakura group photo taken with Yu Suzuki on the day of the Japan Dinner reward. 

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