Friday, November 25, 2016

Lan Di Statue Photos (Exclusive Edition)

The Lan Di figure by collectibles maker First 4 Figures is now being shipped out to those lucky people who were able to snap one up.

Lan Di figure promotional image
Lan Di remains calm
as the Hazuki Dojo blazes around him
Lan Di 360 degrees
The regular edition
of the Lan Di figure
Today we have a selection of photos of the exclusive version of the Lan Di figure, provided by Jcgamer60 (Twitter account here) who received the delivery in Canada earlier this week and kindly offered them to share on this blog with the Shenmue community. Regarding the build quality of the statue he comments that he is "thrilled at the quality and attention to detail".

[The photos follow at the end of the next section.]

Background on the Figure

The Lan Di figure was offered as both a regular edition (priced at $209.99 with an edition size of 750 pieces) and exclusive edition ($234.99, edition size: 275 pieces), and orders opened a year ago in November 2015. As you might expect, both editions are now listed as Sold Out on the company's ordering site, with any subsequent orders going onto a wait list in case of a cancelled order.

In terms of the difference between the two editions, the regular edition of Lan Di stands on wooden flooring (such as that found in the Hazuki dojo), while in the exclusive edition he stands on a replica of the Dragon mirror.

The description of the figure from the company's website reads as follows:
Lan Di is stood arrogantly beckoning, captured in the tense moments immediately after retrieving the Dragon Mirror, and immediately before the brutal demise of Ryo’s father. The statue’s right arm can also be switched out to allow the collector to display Lan Di with both arms behind his back. This statue has been cast completely in high grade polystone, and is painted to exacting standards to capture the exceptional and intricate details of Lan Di’s design. The statue stands 12 inches tall, making the figure the perfect compliment to our Ryo Hazuki limited edition collectible.
Lan Di prepares to strike the final blow
"Get up, I'll allow you to die like a warrior..."
One neat feature of the figure is that it is supplied with two separate right arm pieces, so Lan Di can be displayed in one of two readily-recognizable poses: the first has him reaching out in front of him, and the second with his hand behind his back. Magnets allow the arm to easily clip and unclip.

Worldwide shipping of the figure appears to be in progress right now, with some people having received their figures as early as last month while others have been informed of expected delivery in December.

And now, onto the photos of the exclusive-edition statue and packaging. I have to agree that the detail and clarity of the paintwork on the figure looks outstanding!

Packaging, top view

Packaging, side view

Packaging, side view

Lan Di exclusive edition figure

Lan Di exclusive edition figure

Lan Di exclusive edition figure, rear view

Dragon mirror base detail

Thanks to Jcgamer60 for the photos, and I am sure Lan Di will have taken pride of place on his shelves.

I would be interested to hear from anyone else who has received their statue already, or if you are still waiting in anticipation - leave a comment below!
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