Saturday, January 7, 2017

Shenmue III Reward Upgrades Coming in Summer

A member of the Shenmue500K Facebook group has shared news regarding a planned opportunity for backers to "upgrade" their contribution to a higher reward tier for the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter project.

In an email reply from the team, they confirm that we can look forward to support for reward upgrades in the summer of this year, to be put in place with the reward surveys.

Email received from the Shenmue III team
(Kickstarter surveys are a feature managed online that allow project creators to collect any information they need from backers in order to deliver their rewards, such as shipping address and reward-specific preferences. When a survey is issued, backers will be notified by email.)

This means that backers will have the opportunity to increase their contribution to a higher corresponding reward tier if they wish.

Thanks to Shenmue500K member Neil for sharing this with the community.

If you have been wanting for the chance to move up to a higher reward tier, leave a comment below!

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