Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Masaya Matsukaze Looks Forward to Meeting Shenmue Fans | Photo

Masaya Matsukaze, the Japanese voice of Ryo Hazuki in the Shenmue games, recently tweeted that he will be attending the Otakon event in Washington this week.

His tweet is accompanied by a photo of himself signing one of the First 4 Ryo Hazuki figurines, and he seems to be looking forward to meeting Shenmue fans at the event, writing (our translation):
"Shenmue 3 is in development; Shenmue I & II has been announced for a November release in Japan, and sooner for overseas. I wonder if I'll meet Shenmue fans again in America? (^o^)/"
Masaya Matsukaze signing a Ryo Hazuki figurine
Masaya Matsukaze signing a Ryo Hazuki figurine
  • Otakon is an annual event which describes itself as "a celebration of Asian pop culture and its fandom," covering anime, manga, music, movies, video games and more.
Source: Twitter

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