Saturday, March 2, 2019

Exclusive Shenmue III T-Shirt at MAGIC 2019

Images have been revealed of the limited-edition Shenmue III T-shirt to be made available exclusively at the MAGIC 2019 event in Monaco on March 9th where Yu Suzuki will be holding a Shenmue 3 presentation. The announcement was made by Shenmue III co-producer Cédric Biscay, who is also president and CEO of Shibuya Productions, the company behind the annual MAGIC Monaco event.

The T-shirt has a black base, with a small white MAGIC logo on the front, and a large illustration also in white on the back, showing Ryo Hazuki with his back to the viewer, the tiger motif on his jacket visible. Overlaid at the bottom of the illustration is the Shenmue III logo, with some copyright text beneath.

The T-shirt reveal comes after a 24-hour poll Cédric posted on Twitter in early February, regarding the possibility of a T-shirt with "your favourite character on it." The poll attracted great interest, with almost all participants indicating either that they would prefer high quality even at a high price, or would be happy to leave it up to Cédric.

In Cédric's tweet of the T-shirt being modeled, he comments: "This is the #Shenmue3 exclusive and very limited T-shirt ! Only available during @MagicMonaco on march 9 ! Better pictures will be provided in the future including full design. I can tell this is so cool".

Further details, such as price and sizing information, are pending.

Update 19 March 2019

According to attendees at the event, the T-shirts were priced at 60 Euros on the day. Yu Suzuki also posed with one in the image below:

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