Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Yu Suzuki Visits Aachen Old Town | Gamescom 2019

This is the week of Gamescom 2019, with a series of press events already having taken place throughout the day (with some glimpses of Shenmue 3 which we will cover in the next post!). The actual show properly kicks off on Tuesday August 20th, with the first day being for trade and media only.

Yu Suzuki has also of course traveled to Germany for the event, and after arrival took some time to visit the city of Aachen, located an hour's train ride to the west of Cologne. Koch Media has shared photos of his visit to the city's old town and historical center.

Based on clues in the photos, we can even identify some of the locations.
Yu Suzuki poses next to a sculpture of a horse.
This horse is one of a number of galloping horses in a bronze sculpture outside Aachen Central Railway Station.
Horse sculpture seen from the front

Fountain on a cobble-stoned street corner.
Admiring sunflowers at a park.
This photo shows Yu taking a careful photo of a mysterious metal plaque set into the ground, containing some kind of diagram.
Yu snaps a shot of a metal plaque.
Scrutiny of the plaque reveals the word "DOM" (cathedral) at the top: it is in fact a floorplan of Aachen Cathedral, in the courtyard leading up to the entrance.

Aachen Cathedral is one of the oldest cathedrals in Europe, with its construction beginning in 796, and is a major attraction of the city.
The plaque is set into the ground in the cathedral's courtyard.
Yu has spoken before of his interest in architecture and history, and during his previous visit for Gamescom 2017 he spoke of visiting Cologne Cathedral in this interview by Shenmue Dojo.

Photos: Shenmue 3 Official Account and Koch Media on Twitter
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