Wednesday, November 20, 2019

We Took Shenmue III on a Dobuita Tour. Plus Sacred Spot Map Give-away Celebration!

November 19th, 2019: what a special day this has been, marking the successful release of Shenmue III and is true testament to years of hopes, dreams and coordinated efforts to bring about something that was widely dismissed as something that would never happen. It is amazing to see social media such as Twitter exploding with the reactions of delighted fans.

And this all came about because of you, the community who believed in and supported the vision of a continuation of the saga that first started 20 years ago. So a hearty congratulations to everyone, from those who run social fan sites, forums, YouTube channels and podcasts, to those who have tirelessly organized ongoing campaigns to promote the franchise, and to each individual fan who kept the dream alive.

To commemorate the occasion, enjoy a small photo gallery showing Shenmue III on location in Ryo Hazuki's hometown of Yokosuka, where his journey began so long ago. The images were taken at various locations on Dobuita Street and the surrounding area.

But first, an announcement: we will be giving away a Shenmue map set to one lucky person. Here are the instructions on how to enter.

Phantom River Stone's Shenmue "Sacred Spot Guide Map" Set Give-away!

On Dobuita Street we picked up a pair of Shenmue maps from the friendly Kakita military surplus store, as a lucky give-away prize.

How to enter

Follow Phantom River Stone on Twitter and retweet the following tweet.

The set consists of one English version (also available digitally here)  + one Japanese version of the promotional Shenmue-themed map. Entry closes on November 30th, 2019.

Good luck!

This contest is now closed.

Photo Gallery: Shenmue III Goes on a Tour of Yokosuka

The release-day weather could not have been better. The start point was Verny Park at Yokosuka harbor, a few minutes from the Dobuita Street area.

And so, with Shenmue III at the ready, let the tour begin. Many thanks to Adam Koralik for his assistance in creating these shots!

At the harbor (yes, sailors were located).
At the entrance to Dobuita Street
Dobuita Street. A sight familiar to many fans who have made the pilgrimage here in past years.
Mikasa Vol. 2: purveyor of fine fine Yokosuka jackets.
Tom's name can be found on Dobuita St at the "Tom & Jack" building.
Kakita's Military Surplus.
"Ah, good." This Dobuita Street-themed vending machine, complete with tiger and dragon illustrations, is a recent addition to the location.
The closest real-life equivalent to the Tomato Convenience Store.
Steps leading up to Suwadai Shrine
In the grounds of Suwadai Shrine.
Flower shop Hanamatsu. (Nozomi was not around.)

Odakicho Park: Shenmue III lounges on a swing.

And now... the adventure goes on.

P.S. Don't forget to enter our maps give-away!

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    1. Thanks! (Our first priority was a breath of fresh air for Ryo & Shenhua after all those years stuck in that cave).

  2. Fuck yeah! Bitches, I got my map from Kickstarter