Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Shenmue Doujinshi "Mankan Zenseki": Extra Sample Pages | English Scanlations by Daniel Mann

You may recall our interview last month with mappy, one of the team of artists who created the delightful Shenmue doujinshi "Mankan Zenseki." (Read the interview here if you haven't yet seen it).

If you enjoyed the manga samples in English that accompanied the post, these scanlations were the skillful handiwork of Daniel Mann who both produced the text translations and seamlessly transplanted them into the original comic pages.

In the previous interview post we hinted at a further set of scanlations by Daniel of Mankan Zenseki sample pages, and we're delighted to present them in today's post.

(The comic panels read from right to left.)

Shenmue I Themed Sample Scanlations

Shenmue II Themed Sample Scanlation

Shenmue III Themed Sample Scanlation

High Fan Interest in Mankan Zenseki

The original print run of Mankan Zenseki sold out very quickly. Based on the feedback gathered informally from our blog readers, there would be solid support from English-speaking fans for a second print run. Also, the concept of a completely English-language version was also met with interest, and Daniel Mann has indicated that he would be happy to assist with this if the creators wished to create one.

Here are some of the feedback comments from social media:

  • "I totally would buy a copy of the original language book if they did another run of it.".
  • "I would definitely purchase a copy if it comes back in print!!"
  • "Sooo wish I could've snagged a copy. It asks if we'd be interested in an English version - YES!!!!"
  • "I would be interested if an English version is made available for purchase"
  • "I would also totally buy this!"
Unfortunately, no plans have been confirmed for a reprint or creation of an English version at this time. However we would encourage people to express their interest in the post comments or on social media.

We have also included a humble request to the project team below, in the hope something may come about in the future!

Dear mappy, Aragon, Hawk and ohji, creators of Mankan Zenseki:

We hope you will consider making another print run of your fantastic doujinshi for fans who missed out on it earlier. Also, an English version would be wonderful (Daniel would be glad to help you with this!). 

Thank you very much!




Thanks again to mappy and team for allowing us to share the comic samples in this post.

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Also check out the Yokosuka Side Story website for more Shenmue illustrations and art. It has recently be updated with a photo report on seeking out Shenmue-style retro capsule toy machines.

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