Friday, August 2, 2019

ChinaJoy Conference: Yu Suzuki's Message to Fans [ENG captions with Transcript]

Shenmue 3 was one of the games featured at yesterday's 2019 China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference ("ChinaJoy"). ChinaJoy is a digital entertainment expo held annually in Shanghai and is is the largest gaming and digital entertainment exhibition in China and Asia.

A Shenmue 3 promotional trailer was played, which was the one shown at this year's PC Gaming Show at E3: "The Hidden Art Returns" - but this time with Chinese captions.

This was followed by a pre-recorded video with a message from Yu Suzuki to fans. As well as giving an update on the activities being carried out in the lead-up to the release on November 19, he also talks about the freedom of play style that Shenmue offers to the player, and how this reflects on the personality of the player themselves

We've added English captions to Yu's video message, so check it out below (note that the video quality is degraded due to capture from the live stream):


Hello everyone. I'm Yu Suzuki, the director of Shenmue 3.

Shenmue is an open-world type of game set in China. I have always held great admiration for China's expansive scenery, history, martial arts and more. I have put all those feelings into Shenmue 3, and for me, it is a real honor to be able to bring Shenmue 3 to you.

Recently I have been focusing on checking how it plays. I'm having it play tested by many different people in order to fine-tune the game. What sets Shenmue apart from other games the most is that 10 players will have 10 different ways of playing. The player has a high degree of freedom so the games won't play out the same. And the player's own personality will really come through. A Shenmue that's yours alone, is here.

To express it another way, Shenmue is a mirror that reflects yourself.

I'd like people to take their time, and play through this game slowly.

Please wait a little while more until November.

Have fun at the ChinaJoy conference everybody!

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