Tuesday, June 11, 2019

New Shenmue III Trailer: "The Hidden Art Returns" Unveiled at the PC Gaming Show 2019

A brand-new Shenmue III trailer was unveiled at Monday's PC Gaming Show, with Yu Suzuki introducing it himself on stage in English with the words "The wait is almost over!"

The trailer is called "The Hidden Art Returns" and starts with Ryo undergoing training with a grandmaster on a bamboo raft at the Niaowu port, who explains how kung fu has been passed down through the ages despite being banned at times. The second part of the trailer shows Ryo confronting thugs, chasing them through the streets and facing an ambush in a warehouse.

Here is a clip of Yu Suzuki introducing the trailer, captured from the Twitch stream. Acting as interpreter is Shenmue III executive producer Hideaki "Harry" Morishita.

A Japanese-voiced version of the trailer has also been made available:

There is a lot of interesting detail in the scenes, which we'll run through in a separate analysis post.
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  1. This was the biggest surprise that Yu Suzuki was on stage on that PC Gaming Show. There was no Leak or photo of Yu before. And that on his birthday.
    Shenmue 3 looks fantastic from IGN Japan's Videos. I can't wait to see more. :-)

    1. Yes, no cryptic forklift photos this time! From the previews that we're hearing, Shenmue III is gearing up to be everything Shenmue fans have been hoping for.