Sunday, September 8, 2019

Shenmue III on the SEGA Stage: TGS 2019 Schedule

SEGA has published their stage event schedule for the Tokyo Game Show next week, and Shenmue III is included!

Shenmue III Stage Presentation

The Shenmue III presentation will take place at TGS 2019 on:
Thursday September 12th at 11:45 am JST
Thursday September 12th at  3:45 am BST
Wednesday September 11th at 10:45 pm EST
for a 30-minute slot. This is the first Business Day of the event, however although it won't be open to the general public, it will be live-streamed at the links below.

Live-stream Links

Live-stream links for the SEGA stage on September 12th:


On November 19th, the latest installment of the series after 18 years, Shenmue III, is at last soon to be released! Director Yu Suzuki welcomes guests Masaya Matsukaze, who plays the main protagonist Ryo Hazuki, and Haruka Terui, who plays the heroine Ling Shenhua. While discussing topics such as which parts of the previous games left the strongest impression and their thoughts having played the latest game, they will introduce the game's features and what it's all about.

Yu Suzuki (President of YS Net / Director & Scriptwriter)

Masaya Matsukaze (VA: Ryo Hazuki)
Haruka Terui (VA: Ling Shenhua)

Yu Suzuki's presence at the show was also confirmed in the most recent Kickstarter update:
"Yu Suzuki will be in attendance on the business days for media interviews. He is not scheduled to attend the public day events.

We will be posting updates and our partners will be on social media with any news from TGS 2019."

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