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Yu Suzuki Introduces Shenmue 3: Extra Features | Video & Summary

A fourth promotional video has been released, in which Yu Suzuki introduces another aspect of Shenmue III. This time the theme is the activities and mini-games in Shenmue III. The release date of Shenmue 3 is coming up fast on 19th November!

The previous three Shenmue III promo videos in this interview series can be found here:
Here is the new video. It has official English subs, so remember to turn these on!

Text Summary

Below is a summary of the points Yu talks about in the video (based on the Japanese).

Activities in Shenmue - Yu's Mindset

  • When Yu played other RPGs they didn't allow him to do things he'd normally do in everyday life, which he thought was strange. So he decided to make it possible in his own games. So his motivation came from his own first-hand experience.

#1 More Drawers Than Before!?

  • He wanted to broaden exploration this time, compared to Shenmue I and II.
  • You can open all sorts of drawers and find things that have absolutely nothing to do with the game's progress, in true Shenmue style (setting aside whether everyone finds that fun!).
"Magazines. I wonder if they sell them at the village?"
  • Having these kinds of pointless things has value in itself, as it helps make it feel real.
  • So that's why the investigation system now has more drawers than before [Yu laughs].

#2 Find Chobu-chan!

  • Chobu-chan is a mascot character that the Niaowu Tourism Association is promoting. To help get her known, a Chobu-chan has been hidden in every Niaowu.
"Here you are..."
  • If you find a Chobu-chan, you'll receive a shop card, and if you collect them there will be something nice in store for you.

#3 New Costume-Change System

  • The costume-change system this time lets you change Ryo's clothes in 4 categories: upper (inner and outer), trousers and shoes.
  • There are various places where you can find items that can be used in the costume-change system: for example, in side-quests, at prize exchange booths or at shops which sell them.
  • In Shenmue III, Yu especially wanted to have Ryo dress in Chinese martial arts wear this time, to see how he looks. So if you're able to get hold of some somehow, you'll be able to see for yourself.

#4 Part-time Jobs & Mini-Games

  • The core part-time jobs available include wood-splitting, which you can do as early as Bailu village.
  • If you have some money, you can rent a fishing rod, and use it to fish and then sell your catch.

"Lake Trout"
  • Another part-time job is a familiar one: forklift driving. In Shenmue 3 you can carry not just crates, but various things. One such object is a new "Astro City" arcade cabinet.
  • The next day, if you go to the game arcade you'll find it set up there. When you play the new game, this will go on to connect to something else...
Chobu-chan Fighter!

The Theme of the Activities is "Connections"

  • In Shenmue III Yu wants to create enjoyment through elements that interconnect, rather than focusing on the enjoyment of a single thing on its own,
  • One of the key themes of the game is "connections". Yu has made all the elements interconnect or link together as much as possible, in order to make all sorts of combinations feasible.
-- End of summary --

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