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Yu Suzuki Introduces Shenmue 3's World | Video & Screenshots

A second new promotional video has been released, again featuring Yu Suzuki introducing aspects of Shenmue III. This time the theme is Shenmue's world and atmosphere, with several new delightful clips from the game, mainly in the town of Niaowu. The release date of Shenmue 3 is coming up fast on 19th November!
Official English subtitles are confirmed to be coming (update: now added to the video), but to ease the wait we have translated Yu's comments below, as well as the Japanese subtitles seen on a few of the in-game video clips.

Along the way, Yu mentions the little bird mascot in Niaowu and the larger-than-life proprietress at Ryo's accommodation. And he reveals a shop with a hilarious theme that you won't want to miss when visiting Niaowu.

Minor Spoilers Ahead: although there are no major story-related spoilers, there are new images taken from the game and comments from Yu about the world of Shenmue 3.

First, the new video (Japanese with English subs).

Read on for our English translation of Yu Suzuki's interview and comments.

The Kind of World Shenmue Aims To Create

Yu Suzuki: "From a story perspective, it's about seeking revenge: Ryo hears that his father killed someone and can't believe it. He decides to go to confirm it for himself. However from the gameplay side, I'm hoping to recreate that feeling you have after completing a solo journey, of the experiences that stay with you as memories. That's the kind of game it is - like a travel experience."

Children rush off the ferry ahead of Ryo & Shenhua on arrival.

The Game's First Setting: Bailu Village

"I am interested in the villages of China's minority ethnic groups, where a strong culture remains with their extremely beautiful ethnic garments and so on. In the past I've made visits, carried out research on the internet and investigated documentary records.

"A lot of the areas are desolate, so I wanted a bit more greenery. Water and greenery, surrounded by the charcoal beauty of Guilin's 'Chinese landscape painting' scenery - that's the image I wanted to create. So, to a certain extent, it's the image I have of scenery that evokes China. It's a slightly beautified form, I think".
Pumpkins and sunflowers in Bailu village.

A Vast Open World: The Town of Niaowu

"Bailu village has been created to be a village in the back-country of Guilin, deep in the mountains. Niaowu, on the other hand, while still being in Guilin, faces the Li River and I've given it more of a 'town' feel. This more open nature is suited to various kinds of open-world type of gameplay."

Ryo approaches a fisherman.
"There are about 140 shops in Niaowu, of which you're able to shop at around 70."

"Our fruit's sweet and has plenty of juice!"
"A present for your girlfriend? Or perhaps for your family?"
"As well as the shops, there are other buildings such as large temples, and general speaking, the player will be able go to all of them."

A Must-See Shop in Niaowu: Wooden Dummy Tea-room!?

"The wooden training dummy, a human figure of wood, is something with a relatively serious role that is placed as an opponent for martial arts."

Ryo trains with a wooden dummy in Niaowu.
"I thought I'd turn them into dolls and create a wooden-dummy tea-room. Everyone was like, 'What did you say, Yu-san!' But, yes... I decided to make a shop where you can enjoy a cup of tea with a wooden dummy. I wonder how this will go...!" [laughs]

"I wonder how this will go...!"

Niaowu's Mascot Character: Chobu-chan!?

"We've made a Niaowu Tourist Association, and the background story is that they've had a drive to create their own mascot character in Niaowu. And recently, the association has been promoting their mascot character called Chobu-chan."

"Find CHOBU-CHAN in shops and get s shop card! Collect shop cards and go to the pawn shop!"

The Three Beauties of Niaowu?!

"One character I am particularly fond of is the proprietress of the the Niaowu Hostel, which is the hotel Ryo stays at when he goes to Niaowu."
The proprietress at Ryo's accommodation in Niaowu: "If you've got so much time on your hands, could you clean up the hostel?"
"Niaowu has Three Great Beauties, one of which is the proprietress of the Niaowu Hostel.

"As to the identity of the remaining two, these haven't been revealed yet. I've created a 'Niaowu Three Great Beauties' telephone card [set], so I hope you'll try to find them in the game."
One of the "beauties" adorns a telephone card.

The Realistic People Living in Shenmue III's World

"Something that is a characteristic of Shenmue, I think, is that the NPCs - especially those that are voiced - are all individually tailored. We've made unique characters, each with their own background and a distinctive personality."
"I'm looking for Yuan."
"Hm, I wonder where his wanderings have taken him..."
"Young man, you must be thirsty. Your voice is hoarse."
"For a female character, for example, there's her clothes and jewelry.

"And this time, we've made a scheduling system, where, for example, we've set [programming] flags for which shops each is interested in, so they will window-shop mainly around those places."
A shopper browsing at a stand.

Shenmue III: a Journey Retracing Your Father's Footsteps

"The background of the story is that your father, whose name is Iwao, visited China to train in martial arts when he was young. He also visited Bailu village.

"This is also a journey about retracing your father's footsteps."

--- End of translation ---

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