Friday, November 1, 2019

Yu Suzuki Introduces Shenmue 3's Training | Video & Text Summary

A third new promotional video has been released, again featuring Yu Suzuki introducing aspects of Shenmue III. This time the theme is Shenmue III's martial arts training. The release date of Shenmue 3 is coming up fast on 19th November!

There previous two Shenmue III promo videos in this interview series can be found here:
Here is the new video (now with official English subs added):

Text Summary

Below is a summary of the points Yu talks about in the video.

What is "Hazuki-style Jujitsu"?

  • Yu wanted to have a character with strong roots, who carries across his beliefs with him from Japan to China. His martial arts, which Yu named "Hazuki-style jujitsu," is symbolic of that.
  • Yu's concept has for this style is that its' flexible: it is not about only attacking and defeating your opponent, but also about deflecting your opponent's attacks.

Story Advances As You Become Stronger

  • You'll come up against opponents as the story progresses: middle-ranking enemy bosses, high-ranking ones and so on. Occasionally you'll need to defeat them to progress.
  • To become a stronger fighter, one method is obtaining Skill Books. Used well, these will enable to you to progress the most efficiently because you can combine them with potions to restore your health. Some players advance by spending all the money they earn on potions to help in winning fights.
Caption: "For crying out loud! This guys' a pushover."

The New "Dojo" System

  • There is a Dojo where you can train and increase your level at any time. You can improve your Endurance, and carry out sparring to increase your Attack level. 
  • At the Horse Stance training mini-game, you have to hold a pose with timed button presses. If you press too quickly, you'll lose your balance and fall over. Yu comments that it's probably the world's simplest game (he initially uses the word "boring" but corrects it, joking that it's not a word he should use to describe it!).
  • After building up your levels through training, you can test how strong you are through matches at the Dojo.
  • At Bailu village you can fight opponents up to 5th Duan (rank). If Ryo beats a 1st-Duan opponent he will become 1st-Duan himself; if he beats a 2nd-Duan he will become 2nd-Duan and so on.
The rank board at the Dojo.

Variable Difficulty Setting

  • Yu considers Shenmue to be an RPG, so wants even players who aren't good at fighting to be able to complete it.
  • There are 4 levels of difficulty available (Story Mode, Recommended, Challenge Mode and "You'd Better Not!").
  • Story Mode reduces the difficulty of battles etc.
  • There is also Challenge Mode, but according to Yu "it isn't that difficult" and he recommends choosing this level for Shenmue fans.
-- End of summary --

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  1. What are these guys doing in Guilin?

    1. There's a theory that Jimmy from Asia Travel gave them a deal on a cheap holiday to China...!

    2. Can't be jimmy was broke, and closed after women in red, stole all his money.

    3. Good point. (And Global Travel Agency can be excluded, their prices are sky high). Maybe we'll find out more in around 2 weeks!