Friday, November 20, 2020

Shenmue III Complete Edition from Limited Run Games: Orders Open Today

Limited Run Games (LRG) has announced a new limited collectors edition called the Shenmue III Complete Edition for the PS4, priced at USD $149.99 with orders opening today 20th November at 10 am ET (3 pm GMT) from the Limited Run Games site.

Production will be limited to 3,000 copies available worldwide, although it is not a part of the numbered Limited Run Collection.


This offering is an LRG exclusive, with the idea for the project being conceived by owner Josh Fairhurst after Shenmue III's release last year in November/December, when the game ended up being his favorite of the year!

Shenmue III Complete Edition Contents

So what is in this Complete Edition, and how does it compare with LRG's previous Shenmue III Collectors Edition released last year in November?

Let's run through the content:

  • Shenmue III Game + DLC [for PS4]
As the word "complete" in the name suggests, this edition provides the most up-to-date version of Shenmue III - the base game and latest patch - plus the DLC (Battle Rally, Story Quest and Big Merry Cruise), all on physical disc with no need for any download. The game runs region-free.

As show in in the promotional image, a number of extras come together with the software. Note: the LRG page states that the item is currently in manufacturing and artwork is subject to change.
  • Character Posters: Ryo, Shenhua, Ren, Lan Di and Niao Sun.

  • Commemorative Dreamcast Jewel Case (no Dreamcast game disc is included; subject to licensor approval)

  • Chobu-chan and Bailu-chan Figurines

  • Bailu Village Herb Map
  • Welcome Card from Hotel Niaowu: a recreation of the card Ryo finds in his room, welcoming him to the hotel.

  • Sword of Seven Stars Die-cast Replica. The iconic and mysterious sword/dagger from the cave. Length: 5 inches.
  • Golden Goose VIP Card: a replica of the card that gives Ryo access to the members-only section of the Golden Goose casino.


Orders for the Shenmue III Complete Edition commence later today, as of the time of writing this pots. To order or view the official information page, visit the Limited Run Games website.

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