Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Shenmue III Collectors Edition, Deluxe Edition & Pre-Order Bonuses

In this post we look at the details announced regarding the following editions of Shenmue III:
  • Collectors Edition, announced by Limited Run Games
  • Standard Edition
  • Digital Deluxe Editions
together with the pre-order bonuses for the PS4 version on the PlayStation Store, as well as the PC version on the Epic Games Store.

Shenmue III Collectors Edition

Limited Run Games has announced they will be distributor of an exclusive Shenmue III Collectors Edition for North America, in very small numbers: 4000 for PS4 and 1000 for PC.

Here's what it contains, as illustrated above:

  • Light box: described as a "shoji-styled desk lamp" (shōji being a type of Japanese door with translucent paper over a lattice of wood or bamboo), it displays a silhouette of Ryo striking an opponent.
  • Mirror: a "double-sided Phoenix/Dragon mirror," with one motif on each side. 
  • Patches: "iron-on authentic designs from the series". The patches shown are the Shenmue III logo (gold on black), a round Dragon mirror design, and the three patches from Ryo's leather jacket.
  • Stickers: "classic iconography from the game." The sticker designs are: the Dragon mirror motif, Phoenix mirror motif, concept art of Shenhua sitting, the tiger design from Ryo's jacket, Shenmue III logos (black on white, in English and Japanese), and cartoon illustrations of Ryo on a forklift and Shenhua.
  • Premium box: a large box with a red base color and gold mirror design detailing.
  • And of course, a copy of the game.
View the Collectors Edition announcement:

The Collectors Edition will be available from LimitedRunGames.com and will be "releasing physically" on Shenmue III's release date of November 19th, 2019. Pricing details have not yet been released.

June 12 Update:

The Collectors Edition has been spotted in the UK (for example, here), so it is worth checking online.

Standard Edition Pre-Order Bonuses

The PlayStation Store (PS4) is now taking pre-orders, and offering the following pre-order bonuses:
  • The “Blazing Kick” Advanced Technique Scroll
  • Kenpogi Training outfit
  • Peking Power Starter Pack* (this set can be downloaded only once per account)
* On the Japan PlayStation website, the Peking Power Starter Pack is called the "Peking Duck Power Starter Pack" (whatever that may represent), so it appears that a word was dropped in translation.

In addition, the following PS4-specific bonuses are included on the PlayStation Store:
  • Shenmue III Character Concept Theme
  • 3 Avatars:
    • Ryo
    • Shenhua
    • The Shenmue III logo

Digital Deluxe Edition

Separately from the Standard Edition of the game, there is a Digital Deluxe Edition of Shenmue III.

This Deluxe Edition consists of:
  • The full game
  • DLC Pass
    • The complete post-launch DLC content, and
    • The “Burning Sandstorm” Advanced Technique Scroll
  • Ryo’s legendary Flight Jacket*
The Japanese PlayStation website describes this as "Ryo's favorite flight jacket."  (Only one favorite jacket of Ryo's springs to mind...!) 

The pre-order bonuses described for the Standard Edition also come with this edition.

The mention of "post-launch" downloadable content is notable. Post-release DLC is something Yu Suzuki confirmed he was planning right back in a 2017 interview with Japanese GAME Watch, but added at the time that  "I can't tell you what it is yet though".
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  1. Hi, everyone! DLC? Any news about that?
    Thanks for so many informations, always supplying the fans.

    1. Nothing yet - we'll be watching for information on DLC content that may come out of E3, and post an update with any news. Thanks for you comment!

    2. Thanks man! Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Im very interested in buying the Shenmue 3 collectors box. Ive tryed to pre-order from gamestop and they had no clue about it or the price. Can i preorder from your site and how much is the collection?

  3. We don't sell anything directly on this site but I recommend checking out the Shenmue Dojo forums topic below which has prices and preorder links for various countries. Good luck!


  4. I have pre-ordered the digital deluxe edition on ps4. Really looking forward to the game.

  5. What's the difference between Deluxe and Standard editions ?
    Deluxe has the Full game.
    Standard has the Full game as well ?
    Or the Full game is the Standard version ?
    I don't understand.

    1. The word "full" might be confusing things: basically yes the game itself is the same for both editions. The difference is that the Deluxe addition has some extras that come with it.

    2. Thank you for clarification. I'll get the Standard version then.