Monday, July 10, 2017

Vote Shenmue as Best All-Time Game! | Famitsu 1500th Edition Poll Closing 18th July 2017

Game Poll: Famitsu 1500th Edition

Shenmue fans, it is time for another poll, and another chance to boost the first two Shenmue games up the ranks!

The poll link is at the end of this post.

Poll for Best All-Time Game

It was not so long ago (May, in fact) that Famitsu held their poll for best Action-Adventure game and Shenmue came through with flying colors, with Shenmue II scooping 6th place and the first Shenmue game claiming 2nd place just below Yakuza 0.

And now a new poll is open to celebrate the upcoming 1500th edition of the Weekly Famitsu magazine (dated September 15th, on sale from August 31st).

This time's poll is for readers' favorite game of all time, regardless of publishing date, genre or platform. So votes can be for games on mobile phones, home consoles, arcade machines, PC - games on any hardware are in scope.

You can vote for up to 3 games, with weightings being 3 points for your first choice, 2 points for your second and 1 point for your third.

Take care when voting to ensure your vote is valid, in particular:

  • Specifying the same game title for more than one of the three game titles is invalid.
  • Games should be named by their specific title: writing "XXX series" is not treated as a valid vote.

Here are the official Shemmue game titles in Japanese for easy copy-and-pasting into the poll form:
[Shenmue Chapter One - Yokosuka] シェンムー 一章 横須賀
[Shenmue 2] シェンムーII

A reason for your vote is requested, but a simple reason written in English should be fine.

The poll ends at midnight on July 18th (JST).

As with previous polls, Famitsu will announce interim results on July 11th to give an idea of the top games being voted for.

The voting form is short and simple, and this time Google's automated translation does a respectable job of providing an English translation of the questions.

Link to poll: cast your vote now! [make use of Google's automatic translation if needed]

Note: after voting, the next page displayed will be a confirmation with two buttons at the bottom of the page:

Make sure to press the right-hand button to submit the data.

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  1. Cheers! Still working on vacation!

  2. Hi ! Currently filling the form...
    Huh... d'you know that there isn't any japanese Wikipedia page for Shenmue ?
    There is French, English, Chinese... no Japanese... why ?
    Is there a charitable soul who wants to do it ? My japanese level is inexistant haha.

    1. Ah, I'm assuming you found it after your comment? :-)