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Gamescom 2017 Photo Report | Guest Post

We welcome yuc02 back to the blog with a photo report on his experience at the recent Gamescom 2017 event in Germany, as he got to catch up with other Shenmue fans not to mention meeting Yu Suzuki himself - and even found himself taking on the role of primary cameraman for several community interviews. He also had a special mission to fulfill on behalf of the Shenmue community...

All photos in this report were taken by yuc02. Click to enlarge).

Gamescom 2017 Photo Report

Hey guys, it’s yuc02 again!

I had the pleasure of going to Gamescom this year, obviously to see Yu Suzuki and the YS Net team, but also to hand him a very special gift.  It was a great few days and I just wished that more of you guys could have been there.  Here’s my take on the 3 days I was there.

Day 1: Wed 23rd August, 2017

After a (very) early start, I finally arrived in Cologne for the 2017 edition of Gamescom, the largest gaming show in Europe.  It was also my first ever games show, so it was quite daunting to see so many people (it wasn’t even the busiest day!)

The Gamescom venue in Cologne
The Gamescom venue in Cologne
Inside the halls
Inside the halls

Naturally I went to see the Deep Silver booth, to try and have a look at the meet and greet area (keep thinking Deep Purple for some reason :P)

It wasn’t massive, slightly tucked out of the way, and was surrounded by SEGA and other Deep Silver products, so was quite cosy! In a way it feels like Shenmue…

SEGA and Deep Silver booths
SEGA and Deep Silver booths in close proximity in the general-admission area

The Shenmue III Meet & Greet area
The Shenmue III Meet & Greet area

Anyway, after some food and trying some demos, I managed to meet with good friends Peter and James, plus first time meeting Silvia from 500K and various other keen fans (hey Robert!).

It was soon time to head back to the meet and greet area to see the legend himself. People started queuing 2 hours before the start time! Crazy people…

Expectant fans line up to meet Yu Suzuki
Expectant fans wait in line to meet Yu Suzuki
I had another job, and that was to get people in the line to sign this banner:

The banner created by yuc02 as a gift from the community to Yu Suzuki
The banner prepared by the author as a special gift from the community to Yu Suzuki, prior to on-site signing. (The message 頑張って! are words of encouragement meaning "Give it everything!" or "Good Luck!")..

The logos from several community groups were also displayed on the banner
Logos from several Shenmue community groups were also displayed on the banner.
Given the lack of space and surface, surprisingly it turned out quite well! Plus it was lucky that Suzuki-san did not see it :)

Stealthy signing
Stealthy signing.

Capturing the moment at the Meet & Greet area.

A great day overall, but there was more to come!

And some beers and currywurst were always welcome.

Day 2: Thu 24th August, 2017

Again an early start (hang on - isn’t this supposed to be a holiday), and I was again with Peter, James & co.

We had arranged to hand over the banner in the morning, and it was a nervous (and long) wait before it happened.

The Koch Media / Deep Silver reception area.
But it was worth the wait, oh yes…

After presenting Yu Suzuki with the banner
After presenting Yu Suzuki with the banner.
After a bit of free time (and food!), thankfully I was allowed to join in on the fan community interviews as a spectator.

Never did I know that I would end up being our official photographer, since YS Net didn’t wish to be filmed!

The Shenmue 500K interview in progress with Yu Suzuki
James and Silvia carry out an interview for Shenmue 500K. (See post: Shenmue 500K Interview with Yu Suzuki).

Peter spoke with Yu Suzuki &  Hideaki Morishita on behalf of the Shenmue Dojo. [See post: Yu Suzuki Interviewed by Shenmue Dojo]

David and Kenji from the Shenmue Master team also spoke with Yu.

It was an unforgettable experience, even though I had to work for it :)

An even better day, and all capped off with a Maccie D at the end

Day 3 - BONUS: Fri 25th August, 2017

Now that all the Shenmue activities had finished, I finally had time to try some games!

My highlights from the show (other than the Shenmue 3 teaser of course!):

  • Ni no Kuni II - best show stand in my opinion

Ni no Kuni II

Ni no Kuni II

  • Project CARS 2 - I worked on this car!

Project CARS 2

  • Daytona USA - 8 player link-up! Sadly not the original cabinets.

Daytona USA 8 player link-up

  • Panzer Dragoon ORTA - soooooo nostalgic.

Panzer Dragoon ORTA

It was great to see Suzuki-san in high spirits (even after all the travelling and interviews he had to do), and I have no doubt he will do his utmost to give us fans the Shenmue that we wanted for so long.

Keep the faith!

"Two shot" with Yu Suzuki
Two shot: the author yuc02 with Yu Suzuki.
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  1. Cool blog yuc02! Looks like you had a great time and thanks again for the brilliant banner idea. I'm glad I got to put my name down on it :D