Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Ryo Wins a Chibi Chai | Shenmue 3

At Bailu village, Ryo comes across a Shenmue I chibi toy capsule machine. The front label shows the complete set of chibi figures: Nozomi, Guizhang, Ine-san, Chai and even Ryo himself on a forklift!

Ryo puts in his 10 yuan and wins one that looks remarkably similar to a creature he propelled into the ocean at New Yokosuka harbor. (Judging from his remark, he is barely able to suppress his shock.)

Two of the figures can be recognized from the Toy Capsule Box Kickstarter reward illustration:

View the video of Ryo winning Chibi Chai below, from IGN Japan's impressions video of their Shenmue III demo playthrough at E3 2019.

Play starts at the appropriate time for the capsule toy purchase.

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