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Famitsu Postcard Set Prize (2000) | Shenmue Promo Item

In early 2000, Shenmue had just been released in Japan and the February edition of the Famitsu Dreamcast magazine contained a 100-page special feature on the game, as well as bonus items such as a set of Shenmue postcards & name cards that came as an insert in the magazine, which we have previously covered in an earlier post.
One of the magazine inserts
In addition, readers could win a set of five limited-edition Shenmue postcards that were available only by lucky draw to 10,000 people across three Famitsu-published magazines circulating in Japan at the time: Famitsu Dreamcast, Famitsu Bros (a strategy/hints magazine) and Weekly Famitsu.

The reverse side of each of the cards was printed with a space for the sender's message, with logos from the three Famitsu publications promoting the draw showing at the bottom.

Below is an image of each of the five designs.

1, Shenmue cover art

2. Nozomi

3. Lan Di

4. Shenhua (wearing an imperial costume)

5. Niao Sun

Being a key (future) character in the Shenmue saga, Niao Sun features on several items of Shenmue promotional merchandise, and this postcard set is no exception despite her not making an appearance in the first two games.

The variety of Shenmue promotional items that were available around the time of release never ceases to amaze.

Photos provided by Retro Import Gamer who have a set of these limited-edition postcards available at their Ebay store.

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