Friday, May 15, 2020

Suka Pass v1.3 Preview: All Moves Scroll

The Suka Pass fan-made app recreates the Shenmue Passport for mobile devices, and the development team has shared a preview of new features that will included in the upcoming release (v1.3).

One of the major features is a new section called the All Moves Scroll, which provides information on all the punches, kicks and throws in the game including the full descriptions of every move that were part of the original Passport. You can discover which moves "evolve" to a different form once they have been mastered, and observe both sets of animations.
Browsing the All Moves Scroll
Learning about a move

The All Moves Scroll will be accessed from a new menu called Shenmue World, which recreates another screen from the Shenmue Passport. This menu provides a home for the Places, Profiles and All Moves Scroll sections.
The Shenmue World menu.
Places (left) and Profiles (right) can also now be accessed from Shenmue World.
And fans who enjoy the music feature of the app will be happy to hear that a new tracker bar has been added to allow easy navigation through the songs.

Music screen: a tracker bar has been added above the player controls.
As well as the above, a number of other small enhancements will be included such as flavor text for characters on the Information page, and easier browsing on the Data Review page.

Keep an eye out on the Suka Pass Twitter account and project website for updates and announcements about the release, which expected in the near future.
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