Thursday, April 28, 2022

Shenmue x Yokosuka: Livestream with Yu Suzuki, Yu Kiyozono, Masaya Matsukaze and Esra Krabbe

Tune in 29th April at 6pm JST for a special livestream in which Yu Suzuki and other special guests will be talking about Shenmue The Animation!

Featuring special guests:

  • Yu Suzuki (anime executive producer, YS Net)
  • Yu Kiyozono (anime producer, Telecom Animation Film)
  • Masaya Matsukaze (voice of Ryo Hazuki, Japanese voicing)
and with Esra Krabbe (MC, IGN Japan) as MC.

According to the stream description:
"We have invited some illustrious guests related to the anime series to talk about what makes Shenmue The Animation so appealing, as well as details of the Shenmue ✕ Yokosuka Anime Commemoration Project promotion".


Note: the livestream will be in Japanese, but we plan to provide English subtitles, or a summary, in the near future after the stream has ended.

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