Monday, April 18, 2022

Shenmue 2 Cut Bicycle Event Part Three: Grandfather Model Identified

Previous posts have covered a bicycle riding feature for Ryo that had been shown in promotional footage for Shenmue in the months leading up to the release, but was not kept in the final version.

As seen in the previous coverage, one of the cut content screenshots shows a little girl, Xiaoqin Liu on the back of a bicycle with Ryo, with her grandfather watching from his store, Sunny Capital Pharmacy.

While Xiaoquin and the store are included in the released game, the character model for her grandfather, Fushou Liu, differs from the one shown in the screenshot:

Top: cut content screenshot. Bottom: capture from the released game, showing a different character model for the shop's owner.

With only a single screenshot of her grandfather available, and furthermore being viewed from behind, it might be assumed that the character model may have been scrapped completely.

However, after some investigation of Shenmue II's character models, based on his features a close match can be made with a character model that exists elsewhere among the disc files:

The distinctive hairstyle and wrinkles match up exactly.

In fact, this character model is one that can be seen in the final game: it is Shi Yi Ming, the owner of Wise Men's Chemist. It would appear that the model selection for Xiaoqin's grandfather was adjusted during the development process.

In the released version Shi Yi Ming is of course is not involved with any bicycle-related event - but he is able to provide some information about Man Mo Antiques if Ryo needs it!

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