Friday, February 23, 2024

(Part 3/3) Concept Art From the 2022 Shenmue The Animation Promotional Event

Today is Part Three, the final part, of our exploration of the art from Yokosuka City's Shenmue anime celebration! 

Links to the previous parts:

Special thanks: thanks again to も_なお Mo_Nao for kindly providing the source photos from the event, to which cropping & straightening has been applied. Be sure to follow her on X (Twitter) at @greed_air for a heap of original Shenmue content!

Hong Kong Locations

"Come Over Guest House, Wan Chai (night)"

"Wan Chai (morning)"

"Yan Tin Apartments lobby, Wan Chai (afternoon)"

"Lotus Park, Carmain Qr., Wan Chai (day)"

"Pigeon Park, Hong Kong (day)"

"Pigeon Park, Hong Kong (evening)"

"Queens Road, Stand Qr., Hong Kong (night)"

"Tea shop interior, Hong Kong (day, afternoon)"


"Character designs"

"Character designs"

"Shenmue (game): concept sketches"

"Ryo: Action Scenes"

"Ryo and Ren"

"Ziming and Xiuying"


"Hong Kong & Bailu Village: People Ryo Meets"

"Dou Niu"


"Path to Bailu Village (evening, thunderstorm)"

"Storyboard: Meeting Shenhua"

Final Comment

That wraps up our three-part series gathering together the art displayed at a number of shops in Dobuita during the Shenmue The Animation event. The art included a stunning range of concept art, sketches and background art from both the anime and the game, and deserves to be preserved and enjoyed by fans for years to come.
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