Wednesday, January 31, 2024

(Part 2/3) Concept Art From the 2022 Shenmue The Animation Promotional Event

Welcome back to our exploration of Yokosuka City's Shenmue anime celebration! In Part One, we delved into some intriguing concept art and sketches from the game's early days and the anime's creation. 

Now, in Part Two of this mini-series, we'll uncover more captivating art from the streets of Dobuita that were on display during the event.

Let's continue our visual journey through Shenmue's world.

Special thanks to も_なお Mo_Nao for kindly providing her photos taken at the event, to which cropping & straightening has been applied. Be sure to follow her on X (Twitter) at @greed_air for a heap of original Shenmue content!

Hazuki Residence

"At the Hazuki Residence gate"

"At the Hazuki Residence gate (night)"

Dobuita / Sakuragaoka

"Bar Yokosuka interior (night)"

"Construction site (afternoon)". Charlie & Ryo are labelled in the sketch.

"Empty lot (day)"

"Sakuragaoka (late evening, fine)"

New Yokosuka Harbor

"Alpha Trading office interior"

"Shenmue (Game), Stage Rendering Development Images: New Yokosuka Harbor"

"New Yokosuka Harbor: Alpha Trading Office exterior"

"New Yokosuka Harbor, Wharf Area (Evening, Fine)"

Hong Kong

"Shenmue (Game), Stage Rendering Development Images: Hong Kong"

"Shenmue (Game), Stage Rendering Development Images: Hong Kong"


"Fighting the Mad Angels"

"Ryo and Goro"

"People Ryo Meets"

"Nozomi and Mai"


"Shenmue (Game) Storyboard: Xiuying's Tears"

"Shenmue (game): Emblem designs"

More art from the event to follow in Part Three!
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