Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Shenmue The Animation vs Real Life: Karate Tournament Venue Exterior

Early in Episode One of the anime, Ryo and his team mates compete in a high school karate tournament for Kanagawa prefecture, the district in which Ryo's school, Yokosuka High, is located. The real-life model for the venue at which the event was held is a multi-purpose sporting facility called the Yokosuka Arena.

We saw in a previous post how closely the interior was recreated for the anime, and the exterior shot showing Ryo, his team mates and a teacher crossing the road outside the facility after the end of the tournament also matches up perfectly, from the criss-crossing electric wires strung overhead to the building shape and detailed features.

Outside the event venue: anime (left) vs actual location (right).

The project team have clearly been thorough in their location scouting, and made every effort to represent the real Yokosuka with as much care as in the games.

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