Friday, February 11, 2022

Shenmue The Animation vs Real Life: MOUNTAIN Shop & Tunnel #2

Many of the backgrounds in Shenmue The Animation have been faithfully recreated from actual places in Yokosuka. Here are a couple of these.

Tunnel #2 on Route 16

Early in Episode One, a mysterious black car is seen speeding out of a road tunnel in Yokosuka...

The tunnel location in Shenmue The Animation (left) matches closely with real life (right).

We previously posted about another road tunnel entrance shown in a scene from the anime trailer which also matches a real-life location and it would have been easy for the production team to reuse the backdrop; but instead they have chosen to recreate this second tunnel, which lies further along Route 16 towards Dobuita Street.


A glimpse of this shop can be seen in our previous Dobuita Street comparison, and it is viewed here from another angle. In the anime, the sign above the door reads "MOUNTAIN", while the current-day name is "GREEN", a jeans shop.

Also featuring in the photo are the Dobuita Street street lamps, which are used in the anime as supports for the "Yokosuka Appreciation Sale" banner that is familiar from the game. The shape of the lamp post heads change every few years; the design in the anime matches the ones used around 2010.

Beneath the lamps are promotional Dobuita Street flags. The design of these changes annually; in the anime it has an anchor symbol representing the nearby naval base and "DOBUITA" in block lettering split across two lines - the lettering style used is very similar to that of a 2014 flag design, as shown below.

Lastly, in the anime frame a red box-like shape can be seen at the lower left: this is a fire extinguisher box which can be observed also in the present-day photo.

The MOUNTAIN shop (anime) vs GREEN Jeans Shop (real-life)

More real-life comparisons to come!

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