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Anime Japanese Voice Cast Announced: Joy, Ren, Dou Niu & Wong | Shenmue The Animation

Fans in Japan will soon be able to join the rest of the world in watching Shenmue the Animation as its release in the Japan domestic market was confirmed for next month (April 2022). Also announced today were a further four members of the Japanese-language voice cast, for the characters of Joy, Ren, Dou Niu and Wong, together with release dates for download/streaming of the the anime's opening and ending theme music. We've translated the messages and announcement below.

Shenmue the Animation will be distributed in Japan from April. It was also announced that M.A.O., Osamu Taira, Shota Hayama, and Takahiro Sumi will appear in the anime.

M.A.O. [the stage name of Mao Ichimichi] plays Joy, a woman with a vivacious and open personality; Taira plays Wuying Ren, the head of the Heavens street gang; Hayama plays Wong, a boy in the Heavens; and Sumi plays Dou Niu, the boss of the Chinese mafia, the Yellow Heads. Messages from each of the four cast members have also been received.

Cast Announcement (Round Three) & Messages!

■ M.A.O. (as Joy)

■ Osamu Taira (as Wuying Ren)

■ Takahiro Sumi (as Dou Niu)

■ Shota Hayama (as Wong)

Note: the message below includes a minor plot spoiler!

Opening & Ending Theme Release Dates

Opening Theme: UNDEAD-NOID by Kashitaro Ito
Release Date: 18 March 2022

Ending Theme: Sympathy by Narudora
Release Date: 25 March 2022

These both appear in the newly-added Products page on the Shenmue The Animation website.

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