Thursday, March 10, 2022

Shenmue The Animation vs Real Life: Motorcycle Ride Tunnel

Ryo riding home with Nozomi is an iconic scene of the first game. The ride takes them back along Yokosuka's Route 16, in the section between the harbor and Dobuita Street through a number of road tunnels that pass below the hills.

To date we have posted comparison photos showing two of the real-life tunnel locations portrayed in the anime, as listed at the end of this post, and we can now add another. Details such as the stairs at the side, railings, signs and fence above the tunnel entrances match perfectly (although the shrubbery in the center is rather more overgrown in the comparison photo!).

Ryo and Nozomi's ride home towards Dobuita

While the sounds of the song "Wish..." and its glorious saxophone are sadly missing from the anime version, the scene still tugs at the heartstrings as Nozomi comes to a decision about her future plans: 

- "Oh hey, we still haven't talked about that advice you wanted."

- "Don't worry. It's okay now. I've already... made up my mind."

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