Saturday, March 19, 2022

Don't Miss Out! Issue 2 of Shenmue World Magazine on Kickstarter

Issue 2 of Shenmue World, the fan magazine created by Shenmue Dojo co-owner James Brown which debuted last year to immense acclaim and praise (including from Yu Suzuki himself), was launched a few weeks ago on on Kickstarter and now has only 10 days to go. If you have not yet secured yourself a copy, head over to back it now!

The magazine is already fully funded, having reached its goal within a day or two of going live.

As previous backers will know, not only do backers of Shenmue World receive the magazine - which is packed with Shenmue-related content such as articles, art, puzzles and interviews - but the also an extensive pack of goodies!

And James has outdone himself this time, with a load of incredible extras including a Shenmue The Gang Edition Blu-ray and a print hand-signed by Corey Marshall [limit of 550 copies], the voice actor of Ryo Hazuki in the Shenmue games. Other extras include an A3 folded poster of the magazine's cover art, cute sticker sheets, a set of 5 art prints.. and more.

Overview Video

The video gives a great overview:

The Blu-Ray is described it as follows:

"We are extremely excited to include this incredible Blu-ray disc with Issue 2 of Shenmue World. This disc features all 3 hilarious movies from Gang Entertainment, along with a wealth of special features, including full movie commentary, behind the scenes, bloopers, and more! Plus the complete Shenmue Dojo Show video interview! The disc will be professionally pressed and factory-sealed in a high quality cardboard sleeve."

Corey & Katana Marshall print. Numbers of the version hand-signed by Corey are limited!

Obtaining Issue One

If you missed out on Shenmue World Issue One, read on. While the "Issues 1 & 2" tier that offered both magazines together is now fully backed, we have heard on the grapevine that a limited number of additional double packs may become available as a reward in the very near future.

Keep a close eye on the Kickstarter project page. (Note, you should be able to change tier while the campaign is running, if you wish to do so).

Back It Now

Head over to the Shenmue World Issue 2 - Kickstarter Project Page to find out more about this fantastic project and secure your own piece of Shenmue fan history!

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