Sunday, March 6, 2022

Shenmue the Animation | S1E6 Promo: Kid in Trouble

  *** Minor Spoiler for Episode 6 ***

In this promo for the upcoming Episode Six of Shenmue the Animation, we see that Ryo has set foot in Hong Kong and has apparently wasted no time in following up on the lead given to him by Master Chen: a letter with the name of Master Lishao Tao who lives in the Yan Tin Apartments. His search is interrupted by a small boy who pleads for Ryo to intervene and save him.

"New town, new country -still the same old trash!" mutters Ryo as he sets down his bag...

This is recognizable as the start of the bag snatching scene from Shenmue II, and Cool Z / J, Larry, Sam and Wong have all been reproduced nicely in anime form.

In particular, we see that Cool Z has a similar purple shirt with the word "DRAGON" on it, but without the dragon illustration beneath; and on a chain around his neck is a key, rather than a padlock that he has in the game.

Sam, Cool Z and Larry from the same scene in Shenmue II

We also get a better look at the book Ryo was holding on the boat in one of the early anime trailers, and see that it has the words "Cantonese Course" on it - Ryo is obviously brushing up on his language skills.

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