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This page contains a list of candidate topics for future posts. Voting takes place monthly, to decide a blog topic for the following month.

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Past Poll Results & Topics Chosen To Date:

List of Candidate Topics:

[A] Translations

ID Description Votes
A1 “50 questions with Shenmue game director Yoshihiro Okabayashi” article (2 parts) [Sega website, Nov 2001] 0
A3 TGS ‘99 Shenmue Virtual Tour [Dreamcast Magazine, May 1999] 0
A4 Comments & observations on the “Making Of Shenmue” NHK Special TV documentary [July 1999] 0
A5 Subtitle the video shown at the TGS Shenmue Premiere (multiple parts) [1998] 0
A10 Tweeted anecdotes from Morio Ashizuka, a former developer on the original Shenmue project 0
A11 What's on the Menu in Dobuita: Yamaji Soba Noodles restaurant 0

[B] Culture / Real Life

[C] Game Hacks

[D] Miscellaneous

[E] Japanese Magazine Articles

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