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Guide to Famitsu Poll: Best Action-Adventure Game [closes 8th May, 2017]

Here is another chance to help boost your favorite games into the spotlight in Japan! Famitsu in Japan is currently running a poll to vote for your top game or games in the Action-Adventure Game genre, closing at the end of day 8th May (Japan time).

Update: the poll is now closed. Results to be announced in June.

Poll link (Japanese text; see later in the post for a guide). 

The poll is very short and should only take a minute to fill out. You can vote for up to 3 games. Results will be announced in the June 15th edition of the Weekly Famitsu magazine which will be on sale from June 1st.

While Famitsu are running a series of these polls across different genres, I think the Shenmue series fits best into this category.

If you wish to vote for Shenmue, here is the title in Japanese:


A reason for your choice is also requested, I imagine a brief word or two in English would be acceptable.

Below is a translation I've made of the introduction to the poll from the Famitsu website, followed by a quick-glance guide to the question form.

Calling all Fans of Action-Adventure Games! Express Your Passion Here!!

"Which game do the fans like the most?" A great many console games have been released over the decades since the first home console went on sale in the 1970s - as numerous as the stars in the sky. This poll is to answer the question of which games from among these do fans love the most, categorized by genre. To this point we have held polls for Action Games, Fighting Games and First-person / Third-person Shooters, and now for this 4th Poll we will be taking votes for the genre of Action-Adventure Game. It's a broad genre with a huge number of titles, but the poll will be closing on 5th May at 23:59 pm (JST) so you can think it over during the Golden Week holidays.

Results for the Action-Adventure Game Poll are scheduled to be announced in the Weekly Famitsu, 15th June 2017 Edition (available from 1st June). Please cast a heartfelt vote for the action-adventure games you love most!

If you're not sure about the genre for a title, vote for the one you think fits best.

11 polls are scheduled in total, covering all game genres, as listed below.

The results and rankings will be announced after each one in the Weekly Famitsu magazine. As game genres cover a wide range, if you are unsure which poll a title belongs to, please vote in the one into which you think it best fits. In the 1500th issue, we are planning to hold a Poll across all games, regardless of genre. Watch out for it!

Poll Guide in English

The poll consists of a single page, followed by a confirmation screen. (Click to enlarge)

Entries in the hardware dropdown:

The confirmation screen repeats your entries. Press Submit and your vote is complete!

What game or games did you vote for?
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