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Sealed What's Shenmue | Ebay Merchandise

About What's Shenmue

"What's Shenmue" is the name of a Shenmue demo that was distributed prior to the release of the full game in 1999. (Note, this is not to be confused with the promotional video tape of the same name that introduced various features of the game).

What's Shenmue screenshots

This special demo was not for sale, but could be obtained in Japan prior to the release of Shenmue when purchasing a Dreamcast console or Dreamcast software from shops.

There is also a "Famitsu" edition (which is now very rarely seen) that was given away to a limited number of Famitsu Weekly magazine readers, which is identical in content but has an orange front cover slip rather than a blue one.

Sealed What's Shenmue on Retro Import Gamer

Although there used copies of What's Shenmue are not uncommon to find listed on Ebay, sealed copies are harder to come by and demand a much higher price.

Current asking prices for a sealed blue-cover What's Shenmue fall in the £50 to £83 range on Ebay, once shipping has been added in - almost all originate from Japan. (I did find one listed cheaper than this at around £30, but upon inspection the reason became apparent - it had a crack in the front of the case..).

However our blog sponsor, Retro Import Gamer, has come to the rescue by offering a sealed What's Shenmue in excellent condition for £24.75 which includes free postage (if you are within the UK).

Blog readers interested in picking it up, check the following link for details:
Sealed What's Shenmue at Retro Import Gamer

What's Shenmue at Retro Import Gamer
A piece of history: note the original sticker advertising the re-scheduled Shenmue release date in Japan
(28th October, 1999) . The eventual release date was December of that year.
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