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Sightings Near Dobuita That Made a Shenmue Fan Look Twice | Photos

Sightings near Dobuita that made a Shenmue fan look twice

Today I'd like to share a few photos that I took recently in the vicinity of Dobuita Street, which gave me cause for a double-take due to their apparent connection to the Shenmue series (even if this turned out not to be the case in reality...).

The Hazuki Dojo Branches into Eyewear?

In a small shopping arcade on the way to Dobuita, I came across this advertisement at a shop selling eyewear:

Has Fuku-san Opened an Eyewear Business?

That's right: "Hazuki" reading glasses. Without Iwao at the helm, and Ryo away on his adventures, it would seem that the Hazuki Dojo may have needed additional income through a side-business. (Apparently they both magnify and cut down blue light).

The reality: "Hazuki" is a Japanese maker of reading glasses who also have an online shop.

Yu Suzuki Makes His Presence Felt

This sign bears a very familiar combination of letters, located along one of the narrow alleyways:

A Nod to Yu Suzuki

Even the relative sizing of the letters is reminiscent of the Yu Suzuki's old logo (we'll ignore the apostrophe):
YS logo

The reality: the sign was for a hair salon called "Studio Y".

"Ren Was Here"

Not far from Dobuita Street, and situated right next door to "Nozomi's" flower shop, is an eating establishment (closed at the time the photo was taken) that appears to have been named in honor of a certain sassy gang leader in Hong Kong:

The reality: the kanji character for "Ren" here differs from the one used for the name of Ren of Heavens (but still it is quite a coincidence!).

I'm Looking for a Man Named Charlie

One of the clues Ryo found out during his hunt for the man named Charlie is that he loved riding his motorbike ahem, "hawg". And it seems he is still around, because there was his hawg sitting right there just off Dobuita Street:

The reality: this was indeed a genuine Harley Davidson.

Well, that's the end of my collection of Shenmue-related "coincidences" that I came across while visiting Yokosuka.

Impressed, or not so much? Found better ones on your own visit? Comment below!

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  1. Haha! This is cool. These posts are fun to read. I can't wait to get the chance to check all this out for myself one day. Hopefully sooner, rather than later!

    1. It's hard choosing them because once you start looking round, everything looks like a connection to Shenmue! :)

  2. Nice work! Once you experience Shenmue, it's hard to not see Shenmue references everywhere in everyday life. Such a magical game!

    1. There are a surprising number when you're watching out for them, aren't there! :D