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Yu Suzuki's Shenmue 3 Talk Highlights | Magic Monaco 2019

Image credit: Koch Media UK via Twitter
Yu Suzuki held an on-stage talk on Shenmue 3 at today's MAGIC Monaco event, and revealed some new details about the game. Long-time blog contributor yuc02 was at the event, tweeting live updates and images from the talk for Phantom River Stone.

Here is a collection of the tweets, summarizing highlights from the talk.

The start of the talk was slightly delayed due to the previous session running on, but it was then time for Yu and team to get set up!
Yu spoke about how some of the background of Shenmue 3, starting with its launch as Kickstarter project and thanking fans for their support.
The talk then turned to details on Shenmue 3, where it was confirmed that the number of NPCs in the game will be in the hundreds (around 400-500 total combined for Bailu village and Choubu), well above the number originally planned.
On the topic of ways to earn money, Yu spoke about wood-cutting and fishing.
The topic then moved on to battles, with Yu displaying a new image of Ryo in a one-on-one fight. In the image the name of a move ("Tornado Kick") is shown, with Yu confirming that moves from Shenmue 1 and 2 will carry over. There will be two modes, an automatic mode indicated amusingly by the letters AT (as with a vehicle: "automatic transmission") for less-experienced players, where moves can be mapped to buttons for single-click execution. The second mode is a manual mode, indicated by MT.

Regarding the music in Shenmue 3, it was exciting to hear that we can expect to hear the moving sounds of Chinese instruments such as the erhu (Chinese violin) again.
The in-game economy has also been extended compared to the earlier games, with differing prices between shops. And, yes, Ryo will also be able to eat at last!
Regarding the much-awaited new Shenmue 3 trailer, Yu finished off by announcing that it will be shown at the Crazy Time session later in the day, which is scheduled at 5:35 pm CET!
Many thanks to yuc02 for the on-the-ground updates! Follow us on Twitter for on-going updates from the event.
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