Friday, August 23, 2019

Yu Suzuki's Signing Sessions at Gamescom 2019

"Last day of the signing sessions"
While at Gamescom, Yu Suzuki held multiple signing sessions in the public exhibition hall, with long queues of fans forming to meet the master. This post contains a selection of some of the pictures shared on social media over the period.

Shenmue III promotion at the Deep Silver booth was most impressive. Above, large panels ensured it could be spotted from afar with an eye-catching image of the Stone Pit's cave with the giant carved mirrors and burning flames .

Below this in the booth itself was a large free-standing transparent panel on which was the game's logo with Ryo and Shenhua of human size, allowing fans to stand behind the panel and have a picture snapped with them.

Yu was kept busy meeting fans and signing all kinds of items during his extremely popular signing sessions.

The cosplay as Ryo Hazuki was amazing. I love Yu's joyful expression here, as he points and smiles.

He even had white "S3" sneakers. (Photo courtesy of Cedric Biscay, who knew fans would be curious!)

People who met Yu, or interviewed him, also received a rather special gift in return: a packet of Shenmue III bandages. What a nice touch, and surprisingly not the red Shenmue III fans that were distributed at the Japan Expo in Paris earlier in the year.

The front of the packet has the words "Always together" which is certainly true for the bandage that Ryo has been wearing since the start of the game...
Tweeted by SarahWellock84
Yu Suzuki himself also tweeted out the picture below of himself next to a silhouette of Ryo, to whom someone seems to have donated one such bandage. Yu's text was "Found the bandage!"
Link to tweet 
Photo credit: Koch Media / Deep Silver on Twitter

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