Thursday, March 3, 2022

Suka Pass v1.7 Released: New Video Content!

A new update to Suka Pass, the fan-made Shenmue Passport app, has been released! It's ready for you to download on Android & iOS!

This time we've added some new video playlists on the Theater page. As well as the existing videos that were available through the original Passport, you'll notice that some new tabs have now been added.

  • Anime tab: heaps of promo and sneak peak clips for Shenmue The Animation. The opening and ending themes are also here, complete with karaoke-style lyrics, so you can practice singing along with the theme music when the next show airs!
  • Beta tab: Shenmue footage from before the game's release, including the contents of a promotional VHS that shows cut content including Ryo Hazuki riding a bicycle around Dobuita. The legendary Sega Saturn footage is also to be found here!

Even better, the video tabs will be kept regularly updated with new content.

It has been a pleasure as always working with SkillJim of the Shenmue Dojo to put together this latest update and we hope you enjoy it. We'd love to hear your feedback!

Download the new Suka Pass release.

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