Saturday, April 23, 2022

Online Gacha Gacha Commences | Shenmue x Yokosuka: Anime Celebration Project

Today marks the official start of the Shenmue x Yokosuka: Anime Celebration Project promotion, with real-life Yokosuka playing host to a number of special activities such as exhibition of anime and game materials at certain shops associated with Shenmue.

Fans around the world can also take part in a virtual capsule toy game, which is now available for play!

Four of the collectable digital scenes that can be obtained from the gacha gacha game


Players get 20 free turns per day, and the aim is to collect a full set of 20 15 digital stills of scenes from the anime and the game.

Once you have completed the full set, you qualify to enter into a draw to win a physical greeting card.

One entry per person.

Sample of one of the 15 scenes to collect (translations added)

I Should Try It

The gacha gacha game is live now! It can be played from this page.

(Personally, I still need four to complete my set: #8, #10, #11 and #14 but I've run out of turns for today...)

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  1. Just received the postcard!
    Thanks for your work by the way!

    1. Congratulations! And glad you are enjoying the blog content.