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Guide to SEGA Japan's Twitter Questionnaire [Closes March 26, 2017]

SEGA Japan has put up a new online questionnaire to gather feedback on the topic of "Twitter". The submission period runs for the next few days and closes at the end of day on March 26th Japan time.

Questionnaire link: [now closed]

Sonic wants you to fill out the SEGA Online Questionnaire
Submission is not limited only to people within Japan, however the questions are in Japanese. As the questionnaire is run by SEGA Japan, there is a certain focus on SEGA Japan's Twitter account. 

As Google Translate often leads to some puzzling output, in this post I'll provide a translation of the questionnaire's questions.

Of particular interest are questions that give the opportunity to highlight a certain special campaign or game / franchise that is close to your heart.

The whole questionnaire contains 24 questions in total, and should only take around 6-10 minutes to complete.

The questions are as follows. I have highlighted the ones with an opportunity for providing specific feedback on Shenmue, or other games, in red.

  • Q1: When did you start following @SEGA_OFFICIAL?
  • Q2: Select all that apply to your interactions with @SEGA_OFFICIAL.
  • Q3: What are the reasons you chose to follow @SEGA_OFFICIAL?
  • Q4: Has your impression of SEGA changed as a result of following @SEGA_OFFICIAL?
  • Q5: How do you rate the tweet content from @SEGA_OFFICIAL?
  • Q6: What meaning does @SEGA_OFFICIAL have for you?
  • Q7: Please enter your impression or thoughts / requests about tweets from @SEGA_OFFICIAL.
  • Q8: Please enter any event or campaign you would like @SEGA_OFFICIAL to hold.
  • Q9: Would you like to attend a fan meeting hosted by @SEGA_OFFICIAL, if one were to be held?
  • Q10: Are there any other accounts you like apart from @SEGA_OFFICIAL?
  • Q11 & 12: Do you usually watch video clips that are in tweets appearing in your Twitter timeline?
  • Q13: What meaning does SEGA have for you?
  • Q14: Would you recommend SEGA's products and services to others?
  • Q15: Please choose all game services you have used for at least one week or more.
  • Q16: Please fill in the SEGA game you play the most.
  • Q17: Please tell us what other games you like (non-SEGA is also OK)
  • Q18: Around what age were you when you first came across SEGA's services or products?
  • Q19: What are your hobbies?
  • Q20: Please select your sex.
  • Q21: How old are you?
  • Q22: Please select the name of the prefecture or area you live in.
  • Q23: Please describe your family structure.
  • Q24: What is your employment status?

See the images that follow for a detailed translation of each question & the available options for selection.

Questionnaire introduction page
[click to enlarge]
Note for the next question: if you reply that you do not currently follow the Japan SEGA Twitter account @SEGA_OFFICIAL, questions relating to it will be skipped (taking you straight to question #10) - this will skip question #8 which asks what campaigns you would like to see the official account support.

Question #1 (4% complete)
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Question #2 at 8% complete
[click to enlarge]

Question #3 at 12% complete
[click to enlarge]

Question #4 at 16% complete
[click to enlarge]
"Sega Ogiri" in the next question refers to a game where the SEGA_OFFICIAL account provides a given image or photo with an incomplete caption, and asks followers to complete it in a humorous way.
Question #5 at 20% complete
[click to enlarge]

Question #6 at 24% complete
[click to enlarge]

Question #7 at 28% complete
[click to enlarge]

Question #8 at 32% complete
[click to enlarge]

Question #9 at 36% complete
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Question #10 at 40% complete
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Question #11 at 44% complete
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Question #12 at 48% complete
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Question #13 at 52% complete
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Question #14 at 56% complete
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Question #15 at 60% complete
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Question #16 at 64% complete
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Question #17 at 68% complete
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Question #18 at 72% complete
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Question #19 at 76% complete
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Question #20 at 80% complete
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Question #21 at 84% complete
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Next question: if living outside Japan, the appropriate option is the last one: "Other".
Question #22 at 88% complete
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Question #23 at 92% complete
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Question #24 at 96% complete
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End of questionnaire!
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    1. Hey, thanks! I thought the questions are quite comprehensive, it feels like SEGA Japan genuinely wants to listen to people's feedback.