Saturday, February 24, 2018

Shenmue 3 at MAGIC 2018: Schedule Summary

The MAGIC 2018 event is almost upon us! As promised in the January Kickstarter Update, this Saturday (24th February) Yu Suzuki will be attending to tell - and show - the latest on Shenmue III.

I felt an extra jolt of excitement to see the photo below which was tweeted today on the MAGIC Monaco Twitter account, evidence of Yu Suzuki's arrival at the event venue, the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco (source tweet).

At the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco: Shenmue III co-producer Cédric Biscay with creator Yu Suzuki.
At the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco: Shenmue III co-producer Cédric Biscay with creator Yu Suzuki.

The main Shenmue III conference is scheduled for the morning at 10:40 am CET (Central European Time).

There are also some other times of interest to take note of:
  • An opening ceremony at 9:30 am CET which will include all the conference guests, hence Yu Suzuki should also be present at this.
  • An autograph-signing session held with Yu at 3:00 pm CET for those fans lucky enough to be in attendance.
  • At the end of the day at 5:10 pm CET there is a Shibuya Productions "Crazy Time" with Cédric Biscay. While the exact content is undisclosed, with Shibuya Productions co-producing Shenmue III we may be treated to some additional material; after all it was at this very session at MAGIC 2016 where three new Shenmue III videos were revealed.
The latest schedule information can be found at the MAGIC website.

Below is a summary of the times mentioned above. Remember that all times should be converted to your local timezone:

Key Times for Shenmue III at MAGIC 2018

Coverage of the Conference

While it appears that there is no live video feed available from the venue, members of the Shenmue community have stepped up to help capture and share the latest footage with fans as soon as possible.

Both Shenmue Lounge and Shenmue Master will be filming the entire Shenmue III session and posting the footage up to YouTube as quickly as possible afterwards. Visit and subscribe to their YouTube channels here:
French site Gameblog will also be providing live text updates during the actual conference itself on their site. The following page will be updated when the conference starts:
And of course, keep an eye on community Facebook pages, groups, websites and twitter feeds. Team Yu has put together a nice post containing direct links to many of these.

Other Activities

As with past conferences, various face-to-face interviews will be taking place with Yu Suzuki during the time he is in Monaco. (I am involved with the translation of some of the interviews being held by representatives from fan communities).

And as always, we will be posting up commentary & analysis for the exciting new revelations learned about Shenmue III, here on the Phantom River Stone blog.

Shenmue fans certainly have a lot to look forward to both during and after MAGIC 2018!

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