Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Be Credited in SEGA's Upcoming Mobile Game "Kotodaman"

If you would like to have your name in the official credits of a SEGA game in which Ryo Hazuki appears, here is your opportunity. Read on for details.

Recently SEGA confirmed a cameo for Shenmue's protagonist Ryo Hazuki in their upcoming word game for mobile devices Kotodaman, thanks to the efforts of Shenmue fans in helping reach the target number of registrations of interest.
Concept art of Ryo for the game
(from the game's official Twitter account)

How To Qualify for Your Name in the Credits

In response to a question by Shenmue 500K member Silvia, it has been confirmed that everyone who registers their interest for the game by following the game's official account @kotodaman_pr on Twitter prior to its scheduled spring release will have their name (Twitter display name) listed in the credits as a "development collaborator" for the game.
  • If you are already following the @kotodaman_pr account on Twitter then there is no need to do anything further.
  • If you are not, simply follow the game's account above to ensure your name is included among the credits.

A preview of the names can be seen at the game's website which contains a searchable list of all Twitter followers to date, refreshed daily:
A list of all Twitter followers can be viewed on the game's official website.
A list of all Twitter followers can be viewed on the game's official website. Several members of the Shenmue community can be spied in this section alone!

Voices Confirmed

The game's account has also confirmed that all cameo characters will be voiced, although they did not specify whether the original voice actors would be used.

Update on Other Character Cameos

In our previous post, we reported that the next character in the cameo "reward" tier would be for Harrier, the hero of Yu Suzuki's arcade game Space Harrier.

The associated target number of 60,000 registrations was successfully achieved, so Harrier will also be present in the game.

Harrier, from Space Harrier
Harrier, from Space Harrier
And look who is coming up as the next cameo reward (target: 65,000 registrations) - it's the main protagonist of the Yakuza series.
Kazuma Kiryu (Yakuza series)
Kazuma Kiryu (Yakuza series)

The official website states that Kotodaman is scheduled for release in Japan in spring, 2018.
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