Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Yu Suzuki MAGIC Conference in English | Progress Update

Over the past weeks we have been working, together with others in the community, to put together a full English translation of Yu Suzuki's one-hour conference at MAGIC 2018. Thank you for your patience!

The translation work is now complete, and the final task of adding subtitles to the video footage is now in progress.

A subtitled conference video and a written transcript of the conference session will be posted up tomorrow (Thursday).

Yu Suzuki on stage at MAGIC 2018

P.S. We will also be making another exciting announcement tomorrow on a separate topic relating to the Phantom River Stone blog!

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  1. As always great work Switch, I have kind of buried my head in the sand in regards to the conference since attending Monaco. Loved the atmosphere there but didn’t understand a thing so this will be amazing to finally know what Ya-San & interviewers were talking about. Also your secret announcement in the same day Shenmue Lounge makes a Secret announcement.. hmm coincidence or something more going on behind the scenes I wonder ;)

    1. Thanks Scribe! It will be out in the next couple of hours. And our secret announcement post has just gone up! Not related to the Lounge I assure you :D