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"Sukajan" Jackets on Dobuita Street | Tax-free for Shenmue Fans

As you walk down the real Dobuita St, one of the shops you will come across is MIKASA VOL.2, which was the inspiration for the Water Dragon Vol.2 Thrift Store in Shenmue. The shop is named after the battleship Mikasa that was decommissioned in 1922 and set up as a museum ship in Yokosuka (it can be visited at Mikasa Park, a short walk from Dobuita St).

As noted in the Sacred Spot Guide Map, MIKASA VOL.2 has been a part of Dobuita for many years, being established over 65 years ago.
A note about the shop "Mikasa vol.2" from the Shenmue Sacred Spot Guide Map
A note about the shop "MIKASA vol.2" from the Shenmue Sacred Spot Guide Map
Although the in-game counterpart is a jeans specialist store, the actual shop sells various types of clothing including a range of "Sukajan" jackets.
The interior of MIKASA VOL.2
The interior of MIKASA VOL.2

The History of Sukajan

Players of Shenmue will recognize these colorful jackets from shops in the game. The name "Sukajan", according to one common theory, is derived from the words "Yokosuka Janpā" (the word "janpā / jumper" in Japanese actually refers to a jacket).

From the end of World War II, Sukajan were sold in Yokosuka as souvenirs for US soldiers. Word of oriental-inspired embroidered designs such as eagles, tigers, dragons and so on spread among the soldiers. While Sukajan are a tradition that can be traced back over 70 years, they have also kept up with the trends of the 21st century, being a fashion item not only in Japan but also globally.

Discounts for Shenmue Fans

For anyone making the journey to visit Dobuita St in real life, we are pleased to be able to let you know of a couple of special deals that we have worked out with the owner of MIKASA VOL.2 (Mr. Hitomoto) on behalf of Shenmue fans. :)

Note: in both cases, we recommend checking with the staff up-front, in case they need to confirm with the owner.

Deal #1: MIKASA VOL.2: Sukajan purchase is tax-free

The in-store prices shown at MIKASA VOL.2 are exclusive of consumption tax (which weighs in at 8%, as of May 2018). If you would like to pick up a Sukajan as a souvenir, this should help ease the impact of the expense:
Show MIKASA VOL.2's Twitter page on your phone 
when making a Sukajan purchase and no consumption tax will be charged.

Deal #2: MIKASA Café: free soft drink with curry meal

A deal is also offered at MIKASA Café, which is a sister shop to MIKASA VOL.2. It is  located 30 seconds away on a corner with the main road (under the large "HONCH" sign).

The Café is a sister shop to MIKASA VOL.2

The café has a number of Japanese-style curry meals on its menu. Yokosuka Navy Curry is a dish that the area is known for. Here is the deal offered:
Show MIKASA Café's Twitter page on your phone when ordering any curry dish and receive a free soft drink (or coffee).

Check out these shops if you have the chance to make a visit to Dobuita Street!
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