Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Phantom River Stone Gets Soupy

PRS got mentions this week on... :)

Phantom River Stone Blog on Dude Soup

To our surprise Phantom River Stone was showcased on the Funhaus show "Dude Soup Podcast" last week, a channel with over a million YouTube subscribers! It was featured in the Hard Nettin' segment, in which the blog's Survey of Red TVs in Shenmue guest post (produced with JCGamer) faced off against the previous week's champion, a forum-based game.

One of the podcast crew is Elyse Willems, who was present in the GameTrailers live stream for E3 2015 that gained instant fame thanks to Michael Huber's exuberant celebration at Shenmue III's announcement:
Michael Huber and team react to 2015's Shenmue announcement at E3.
Here's the podcast segment with their reactions to the post's somewhat... specialized topic! (The video starts where the blog post is brought up).

Happy Console Gamer & the Shenmue Guide Maps

Also recently, Johnny from Happy Console Gamer, who is a big fan and supporter of Shenmue, did a nice little showcase of the Shenmue Sacred Spot guide maps that I sent him earlier in the year. I hope he gets to make a trip over to Dobuita in the near future and experience in person visiting the locations on which the first game was based.

The Shenmue maps are the first item introduced in the episode.

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  1. That's great Switch! I was the dude in the comments, I feel like I'm famous now :D :D :D That was funny to watch. I wish they had all voted for the Red TV article tho :P

    1. Totally, you got some great exposure! :D Even without the win, it's fantastic that they gave Shenmue some publicity.

  2. Haha Yeah :D It's great to see your blog grow Switch!!

    1. Thanks SeDGe! I know you've been here from the early days :)

  3. Thought these guys hated Shenmue fans interesting read.