Monday, October 22, 2018

The New Warehouse No. 8 Office Cut Scene | Mods & Hacks

In Shenmue I, Ryo goes to the harbor in Amihama in search of a "Warehouse No. 8", and ends up inside what he assumes is the right warehouse - only to find out this is not the case after he overhears a conversation held in one of the offices between two of the warehouse workers.

Ryo learns the bad news. 
The conversation Ryo overhears takes place as a cut scene, so we never get a good look inside the office apart from what can be seen through the internal window.

What would we see if we could view the room from another angle?

We applied our Shenmue I cheat tool to disable collision detection before the cut scene starts, and took Ryo outside for a better look.

Here's the view we got:

Very kind of you both to stand over there by the window.
The two workers are already in place, ready to start talking as soon as Ryo approaches. Before the cut scene starts they are silent, stationary and can't be interacted with in any way.

We can also get a much better look at the room's contents, including helmets on the lockers and a pile of metal containers in the corner.

A better look at the inside of the room.
After this, we took Ryo back to the corridor and the workers played out their cut scene, unaware of the unauthorized surveillance - just business as usual!

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