Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Shenmue III English Voice Recording Now Underway

English voice recording for Shenmue III is now underway! Voice actor Corey Marshall, who is reprising his role as Ryo Hazuki for the game, recently revealed via Twitter that he has started recording, sharing a photo of himself in the recording studio together with Yu Suzuki. This follows the news earlier in the year in the June Kickstarter Update of the start of the Japanese voice recording.
Corey's tweet contained a warm message expressing his feeling of honor at Yu's visit:
Link to tweet
Thanks to the studio lights, Corey's stance in the photo was given a super-worldly glow, to which Corey jokingly remarked, "You’d think the other name for Shenmue 3 is ‘Ryo Hazuki: The Immortal Iron Fist’."

The fan community was quick to realize the potential of the photo, with the ever-creative Shenmue Forever incorporating it into an impressive Shenmue III banner.
Image credit: Shenmue Forever
Ryo has a considerable number of lines to be recorded, based on the thick stack of double-sided papers representing the script for just a single day's recording, that Masaya Matsukaze (who plays Ryo's voice for the Japanese version of the game) revealed earlier in June:

However Corey is already in top gear, with "8 jam-packed hours" of recording for the day mentioned his latest tweet:
Link to tweet
It is wonderful to see Corey back in the recording studio as Ryo Hazuki, and we look forward to any further recording updates that might be shared along the way.
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