Monday, December 24, 2018

Snowy Dobuita: Shenmue vs Real Life | Video

Shenmue I conjures up images of icy streets and snow falling gently on Yokosuka. Earlier in the year I captured some footage of Dobuita and the surrounding areas after a light overnight fall of snow.


At several points along our stroll, we compare how closely the real locations compare to the way they are depicted in the game (using footage from the Dreamcast version), with the similarities being striking even today. As a bonus, the end of the video contains a collage of still photos.

End of Year Message

Thank you to everyone following the Phantom River Stone blog. I look forward to bringing you more analysis, articles and videos next year. And a special mention to all our patrons for your amazing support - you help to keep the blog going!

Happy Holidays!

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