Saturday, April 6, 2019

[Closing 14th April, 2019] Submit Your Questions: Brianna Knickerbocker Interview

Brianna Knickerbocker, the new English voice actor for Shenhua in Shenmue III, has kindly granted an interview, and we would like to hear your question suggestions. A subset of the questions gathered will be selected for the interview.

Brianna is a Los Angeles based actor and voice artist who was introduced in a Shenmue III Kickstarter Update in February. She started recording her lines for the game at the end of last year and this is now complete.

She has voiced characters in an extensive number of anime, movies and video games as can be seen on her profile page on IMDB. Her roles include the voice of Sakura, Est, Ninian and Charlotte in the role-playing game series Fire Emblem and the voice of Yuna in the anime series B: The Beginning. You can hear samples of her voice work at her official site.

What would you like to ask Brianna?

Submit your questions below, bearing in mind that Brianna will not be able to disclose unreleased details about the actual game. This is a great chance for the community to learn about topics such as her background, her thoughts voicing the character of Shenhua and her experience in the studio recording for Shenmue III.

Update: Acceptance of submissions will close at the end of this weekend (Sunday, 14th April 2019).
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  1. Awesome news.

    Had Brianna heard of Shenmue before she came in to voice Shenhua? What drew her to want to work on the voice over for the game?

  2. Were you a fan of Shenmue before being asked to voice Shenhua? and if not what did you know about Shenmue before it? Looking forward to see your Shenhua.

  3. My question is whether or not Brianna was aware of Shenmue before voicing Shenhua...😋

    My real question is - How was she selected to take the role of Shenhua for the game? Did she need to audition?

    What was it like working alongside Corey and his daughter :)?

    Is there anyone else that we have yet to learn about that has provided voice work for Shenmue 3?

    Since Shenmue 3 has a character perspective system that allows a stronger bond to grow between Ryo and Shenhua, could she feel that relationship growing from the script and lines she was reading, and if it’s something that she is able to talk about, could she tell instances of the relationship heading in the opposite direction? :)

  4. How is being directed by Team Suzuki different from being directed for other Japanese games? And how is Japanese voice directing different from Western voice directing?

  5. Will you be playing Shenmue 3 at all? I know Corey will be.

  6. My question how much freedom was there to improvise, if any? Also how did working on Shenmue III differ compared to other projects you've been a part of?

  7. Hey Brianna
    I heard in another video that your overall lines was about 2,200 during your recording session for Shenhua. If you've seen the full script what percentage do you think your part took up out of all the other rolls? Or at least compared to Ryo Ren & Guizang
    If you can't answer this question, I have another.
    Have you heard when you'll be returning to the studio to record your part for Shenmue IV?
    PS Brianna go get Shenmue I&II and play them :D
    PS Switch 猫 :)

  8. Would you voice for shenmue 4? Perhaps indefinitely?

  9. Update: cut-off for submissions will be at the end of today (Sunday, March 14th).

  10. Congrats on the interview

    Once selected for the role, how much were you prepped on the history of Shenmue, the character and the overall story before recording began?