Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Shenmue III Trial To Be Distributed This Weekend

The trial version of Shenmue III for PC will be distributed to backers who pledged for the Trial Version reward this weekend.

An email will be sent from Fangamer containing a link to open your survey. Open it and visit the Backer Management page: a PDF play guide and download code for installation from the Epic Store can be accessed there.

The trial version is described as letting you "experience one day in Bailu village" and features "story-line elements, battling, minigames and more", with the game ending either at 9 pm or when you defeat a key character in battle.

Presumably the content will be close to that of the time-limited demo experienced by members of the media and press at recent game events. (The version number shown in the screen shot is the same as when I played, Ver 0.90, with a higher build number of 02563 compared to 02491 when I played at TGS). Now, however, Ryo will have the luxury of being able to spend all day on his quest! The update also confirms that the trial will be replayable.

20 GB of hard drive space is required for the installation, and playing with a controller is recommended (as keyboard input is still being adjusted and upgraded - and Yu Suzuki has also expressed his preference for play with a controller).

Shenmue fans who backed this reward will want to keep a close eye on their email inbox this weekend!

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